KM 19,8 UD

KM 19,8 UD

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      wood                     briquettes                     coal




The boiler can be easily connected pellet burner.


Boiler robust construction is designed to burn wood logs and briquettes and coal. Enables high-volume combustion chamber to burn wood to a length of 37 cm with small requirements for chimney draft. Automatic combustion control dampers with high quality is a guarantee of organic combustion. The boiler requires minimal maintenance to adding to the very good self-cleaning effect. Solid cast iron grates and boiler body made of high-grade steel with a thickness of 4 mm ensures long life and up to 25 years in compliance with operating conditions.


Technical parameters of the boiler


Nominal power boiler 20KW    
Heating surface 2,4 m2
Minimum force 79,33 %
Maximum working pressure / max. hydrostatic height / 0,3 MPa
Chimney draft 22 Pa
Diameter flue throat 145mm
Brightness output throat Js 65 mm
Brightness return pipe Js 65 mm
Width x depth x height of the boiler 451x973x1150mm
The volume of water 70 l

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